Valentine decor

February 13, 2013 in Special occasion, Table decor, What a great idea!

Now Valentines, or indeed any occasion that you’re getting together around a table, can be so easy to theme with items you have in your cupboard.

No spending required if you use your imagination.

How about little shot glasses your mother gave you that sit in your cupboard and only come out on tequila nights?!Turn them upside down and you have the cutest little candelabra!

Or how about all the crystal you got for a wedding present that just sits there gathering dust? Sometimes less is more but with crystal you can just blitz the table! Even the carafe you never use is a great candle holder.

There are always something growing in your garden, be it leaves, berries, flowers or even some weeds that would love lovely when grouped. And lighting is everything so candles, candles, candles!

Give it a go….your guests or that special someone will be pleasantly surprised.

Shot glass decor


Candlelit supper

Candlelit supper